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Cambridge 302 DDV with GPS and Flight Recorder

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CAF 302E STD DDV and Flight Recorder, Knots 1 912.80 1 594.00
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The Model 302 includes an internal GPS receiver. The 302 is a complete FAI-approved Flight Recorder including barograph and engine run detection functions. An optional external backup battery is available that provide more than one hour of operation, including flight recording, if the glider battery fails. A pilot may start out with the 301 vario and then at a later date return it to the factory or a Service Dealer for conversion to a 302. The 302 will output NMEA 0183 including the GPS altitude sentence. This will allow the connection of Pocket-PCs running third party nav computer software. The Cambridge 302 vario and flight recorder is completely compatible with WinPilot PRO. All WP PRO functions are enabled. The 302 LCD screen shows altitude, averager, MacCready setting, and speed-to-fly. All other navigation, performance, and glide information is displayed on the PDA Graphic Display Screen or 303 LCD screen.

New Hardware Version from December, 2008 features:

  • More robust flash memory, to hopefully solve or at least minimize the rare but frustrating flight log security failures.
  • USB connector on the back of the 302, to make it easy to connect to a PC.
  • Improvements to the ENL (engine noise level) hardware to solve a previous issue with the ENL recording system


  • Variometer with fast analog display needle
  • Speed-to-fly director
  • GPS receiver with remote antenna
  • IGC approved flight logger (100 hours @ 4 second intervals)
  • 1500 waypoints
  • Audio output for vario, speed-to-fly and alarms
  • Vario average display
  • Audible warnings for “airbrakes open” and “gear up”
  • 5 VDC output to power any Pocket PC
  • Simple user interface with a single knob - rotate/push
  • Accurate wind speed and direction using GPS and airspeed data
  • Very small package size 2.5x2.5x6” (64x64x153 mm)
  • Fits small 2.25” (57 mm) instrument hole
  • Transfer flight logs using a Pocket PC or PC

Package includes:

The Cambridge 302 DDV AND Flight recorder is supplied with all parts necessary for installation as follows:

  • CAA 114 302 Standard Power Cable
  • CAA 115  Outside Air Temperature Probe
  • HA 349 Serial Data Cable
  • CAA 116 Spare Power Cable
  • TL 001 Screwdriver
  • WA 044 1 Meter of Rubber Instrument Tubing
  • HA 100 Three "Tee" and HA 101 Three "Straight" Tubing Connectors
  • HA 435 GPS Antenna
  • MA 013 Users Guide Manual
  • MA 012 Laminated Operators Card
  • MA 014 302 Software CD
  • Package of 15 Wire Ties
  • CAF 031 Remote Speaker (Motorglider only)

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