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Instrument panel DG-300/303, DG-600, DG-800

90.00 ‚ā¨
incl. VAT
excl. VAT
6 RU 54 Instrument panel from mould 109.80 90.00

Price is valid for one piece, for the instrument panel from the mould, temperature cured and edges are trimmed.


The instrument panel is suitable for installation in several models of DG series gliders DG: DG-300, DG-600 and DG-800S (till the serial number 8-88).

Made is according the drawing 6 RU 54.

On the prescribed places the instrument panel has integrated brass nuts for fixing (brass while it does not affect to the disturbance of the compass).

Height: 25.3 cm
Width 1: 26.4 cm
Width 2: 13.6 cm

The instrument panel may be at a surcharge cutted with openings for the instruments, according to customer liking. Similarly, the instrument panel may be painted with the paint of the type Nextel.

Instrument panels we have on the stock come with the Form 1 certificate. Later, new produced instrument panels would come with the company certificate of conformance.†

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