Valve for water bag LS6-18w, WasserballastCambridge 302 DDV with GPS and Flight Recorder

1 560.00 ‚ā¨
incl. VAT
excl. VAT
TN 359/17 Wingtip skids 1872.00 1560.00

Price is valid for one retrofit set according the TN 359/17 and as the set is presented on the photo.


Winglets are for DG-300 ELAN and for DG-303 ELAN of all models. They improve named sailplanes performances at the high speeds and in thermaling.

The DG-303 ELAN polars of the winglets version are included inside the enclosed DG-303 ELAN leaflet.

DG-303 ELAN leaflet

Set is from rough assembly, trimmed and includes the parts to make winglets and small wing tips fast exchangable via the automatic clip. Set comes with the installation instructions, added documentation and with the Form 1 certificate. TN 359/17 definition is added hereby.

TN 359/17

It is open possibility to decide to order winglets installation in our organization and facility. Ask us for the works quotation.

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