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Trim weights, Trimmgewicht

52.00 €
incl. VAT
excl. VAT
Z10 R19/1 Trim weights 62.40 52.00


DG gliders standard trim weights are of 2.35 kg and of 2.2 kg. Z10 R19/1 trim weight from the lead and painted orange fit to DG types - series gliders: DG-100, DG-200, DG-300, DG-400, DG-500, DG-600 and Apis Bee gliders.

The DG gliders trim weight box where to fix the trim weights (max. Of 3 pieces) is on the right side of the instrument pedestal.

Z10 R19/1 trim weights are appropriate to fix inside the cockpits or in the engine departments of other airplanes to adjust their CofG's.

Retrofit set of trim weight box R19/2 is available to order it as well.

Trim weight price is valid for one piece.


Length: 164 mm
Width: 74 mm
Height: 19 mm (2.35 kg), 17.8 mm (2.20 kg)
Center hole: ?12 mm

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