The annual Carat / Harris Ranch Fly In

The Carat / Harris Ranch Fly In for 2010 will be May 14th, 15th and 16th. Arrival at the Ranch is on May, the 11th, so as to be able to fly with the racing pilots just down the road at the Avenal contest which runs May, 13th 16th.

The Harris Ranch is located about three hours from San Francisco or Los Angeles, alongside I-5. The Ranch features a private 2,800 ft. lighted runway, ample tie downs, and self serve 100LL fuel. Unicom is 122.9, and the GPS identifier is, "308". The Ranch itself was designed as an oasis in California's central valley and includes three excellent restaurants featuring Harris Ranch beef, 153 luxurious rooms which wrap around an Olympic style pool and beautiful landscaped courtyards, all done in a early California hacienda style. "What began modestly in the 1930's in central California's vast and fertile San Joaquin valley has become the legendary Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant".

All Carats, motorgliders & power planes are invited to attend this event. No matter what you fly, come on by the Ranch, its a lot of fun, so bring your Stemme, ASH26E , DG-800B or Grob 109, etc., to the Ranch for a good time and good steaks.

Reservations can be made at (800)942-2333. Be sure to mention the Carat/Harris Ranch Fly In.

Oliver Dyer-Bennet & AMS Flight team


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