Gliders surfaces renewal with new painting at AMS

Special 2008 summer time offer

In the summer time we hold discounted prices for the gliders surfaces renewal with the new painting and surfaces finish. The glider stays in our workshop from 3 to 4 weeks depends from its surfaces area and depends from the added optional and other service works. Gliders can be brought and leaded off from AMS also during the weekend / working free time. We have still some free positions for the gliders surfaces renewal inside the 2008-2009 winter time. Ask us for the offer.

AMS is experienced and known in the gliders quality surfaces renewal and finish:

  1. Preliminary glider assembly, assessment and control (markings, masses, moments, deflections)
  2. Sanding off of all the old paint, careful surfaces leveling to the original glider shapes
  3. Structures control and necessary laminates repair, surfaces fine leveling with the filler materials when necessary
  4. New painting with classic gliders Schwabelack paint or optional with higher standard PU weather and UV resistant paint
  5. Wet sanding with the finer and finer sand papers, machine polishing, new gliders type and logo, national flag
  6. Control surfaces hinge moments and masses are extremely important to stay inside design type data so they are measured during new painting work and final confirmed at the final inspection
  7. Service, weighing & C/G, displacements new documents and service work certificates
  8. Options: control surfaces sealing, aerodynamic tapes 3D (zick-zack, ), anti-collision painting, cockpit refurbishing, cockpit upholstering, stickers replacement, new painting of other cockpit miscellaneous details and other glider service works

We look forward to give to your interest and order our careful attention. Click down to send us your e-mail.

Glider surfaces renewal interest


Special offer

i-panel special
Instrument panel DG-300, DG-303, DG-600, DG-800

The instrument panel is suitable for installation in several models of DG series gliders DG: DG-300, DG-600 and DG-800S (till the serial number 8-88).